Born in 1975 from Pasi family’s passion for Italian high quality furnishing, the Francesco Pasi Srl has its trade-mark in quality and in the highest manufacturing care. Inspired to the manufacturing trends of the Veneto region and in general to the classical Italian style, Francesco Pasi’s lines are studied suitably for the company by a specialized design studio, and they are branded and patented to guarantee the originality and the unicity of the furniture.

The Francesco Pasi company certifies its collections with product cards, brand and patent: a large range of valuable furniture, executed with the greatest care for details and finishing, to furnish either classical or modern houses never renouncing to the famous safety of the 100% Made in Italy furnishing tradition.
Manually refined with beeswax, it is furniture destined to last during the years: to help you take care of it, each piece of furniture is accompanied with a maintenance kit composed by a soft cloth, a scratch-resistant marking pen and a tin of beeswax.

Present in Italy and in the foreign countries, the Francesco Pasi company has got an international presence which makes possible to be always near to its customers, in particular in Russia and in the Eastern european countries, where it has a vast organization of resellers and show rooms.
Francesco Pasi’s privileged customers, specialized in furnishing homes, are the resellers who guarantee a vast international presence.

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